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Our community ensures residents share day-to-day life with
people at the same stage of their journey.

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Bridgewater Memory Care In Granbury Texas

Welcome to Bridgewater Memory Care, a Granbury, Texas, senior living community dedicated to Memory Care services. Our community follows a stellar community model in a homey environment. With four separate houses comprised of 13 bedrooms, two living areas, a dining area, and a courtyard, our community ensures residents share day-to-day life with people at the same stage of their journey. If needs change, we’ll work with you to determine next steps, whether that means a transition to a new care level or coordinating with medical professionals.

Compassionate Service

Memory Care

While we facilitate all our residents in maintaining as much independence as possible, we also realize that many seniors have challenges with cognitive decline and memory-related issues. We understand this can be stressful and frightening, and we do everything we can to ease those feelings while giving compassion and understanding.


What Our Community Says About Us

I highly recommend Bridgewater to anyone who has a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer's. There is not a program in town that compares to what they have to offer! Their caregivers are amazing and put so much thought into everything they do! What a gem in the heart of Granbury, Texas!
I have had such a rewarding experience working at Bridgewater. Employees put their hearts and souls into this building to provide individualized care for each resident. I truly love it here!
Placing a parent in Memory Care, or any community for that matter, is a tough decision. Bridgewater makes the transition smooth and seamless. From the caring staff to the beautiful building, they are top notch in what they do. Alzheimer's and Dementia can seem overwhelming but the staff is educated in all things related to the disease.

Luxurious Living

Your New Home

Every detail has been considered in creating these beautiful new places you will call home. We are here to give you access to extra help when you need it while still being active and social.

Bridgewater Memory Care- common areaBridgewater Memory Care- common area

Live The Way You Want

World Class Amenities

We never forget that you’re our valued guest, and the reason we’re here! We strive to make sure your day is filled with the caliber of service that makes you feel comfortable, safe, and — most importantly — at home. You’ll find the entire staff will know you by name, and each day when we greet you, we’ll ask you how you are, and whether there is anything we can do for you. If you have a special request, please don’t hesitate to ask. That’s why we’re here – for you!

Malt Shop Parlor

Our spacious dining room is home to a chef who prepares delicious meals and nutritious snacks. The kitchen’s handy bar allows residents to sit wherever they like, whether it be at the table or at a cozy booth near the window.

Fitness Classes

With an active and connected community, where every day is exciting, you’ll feel right at home in a special place that helps you get back to the person you were meant to be.

Housekeeping and Laundry

Our services are tailored to fit your needs and include Housekeeping and laundry. Our staff is compassionate about getting your  new home sparkling clean so you can spend more time enjoying activities.


We welcome our residents as if they were our own family members, making your visit memorable and enjoyable. From the moment you enter our salon you will experience stylish, comfortable surroundings, luxurious amenities and a passion for guest service.

peaceful and serene 

Our Beautiful Location